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Seal coating is a process where coal tar is applied over asphalt to protect it from environmental damage from heavy rains, excessive moisture, and sun damage. Seal coating is essentially like applying sunscreen while out in the hot sun for the day. Seal coating also serves to fill in minor cracks and surface flaws.

The process can also take care of discoloration or uneven coloring from repairs performed at different times. The final result is a uniform surface with the same surface color and texture. The look is similar to what a newly paved asphalt surface looks like. Coating will not eliminate deep oil stains until the stain is pre-treated with an oil stain primer before seal coating.

A coating should not be applied to a freshly paved asphalt surface until proper curing has taken place. Curing refers to the process of allowing excess oils found in new asphalt to naturally diminish over time through oxidation. This process usually takes about a year. After that point, most industry experts recommend applying a coating every 1-3 years, or as needed.

A related material is crack sealer, which is an elastic material used specifically to seal cracks in pavement. A high-quality seal coating or crack sealer protects your asphalt surface against every day wear and tear. With proper maintenance, your asphalt surface can last for many years with regular seal coating treatments. Scuffing on a newly coated surface is normal, but can be avoided or minimized by using caution while driving over the coated surface such as avoiding sharp turns.

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